Ready to fall truly, madly deeply in love with your sofa all over again?  

Don’t set your old leather sofa on fire with the nearest vanilla candle just yet! 

It may be looking a bit sad, saggy and lamenting its sorry life in the corner of your living room, but what if it could be completely transformed to look totally amazing? We’re talking about a freaking awesome sofa refurb!

Forget spending a fortune on a brand new sofa. Save handfuls of your hard earned money and spend it on the important stuff like nights out, holidays and chocolate!

Save a packet and have your wife turning cartwheels!

Sofa Refurbs …

No more cringing with embarrassment when the neighbours pop in for a coffee, disappearing down cushion canyon or strategically covering the cat scratches with your favourite throw.

See your sofa completely transformed in just a few hours.

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Because fixing a saggy bottom is all in a days work for The Sofa Man. 😉

You can check out more Before and Afters in the image gallery.


If your leather sofa or chairs are worn or damaged they can be easily repaired as part of their refurbishment and given a new lease of life.

We can also refinish leather that has been damaged by solvents, scuffing or scratching. 

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